3 Day Throwing Course


Where: Devon Applied Arts Workshop, Dunsmore, Silverton, Devon EX5 4DU

Places: 5
Duration: 3 days.

Core teaching hours: 10am – 4pm daily, with a break for lunch.

Arrival at 9.30am with half an hour to make a cup of tea and coffee & get yourself ready to get to work at 10.

Equipment & materials:  Price includes clay and the use of tools. We can provide aprons & towels, but if you prefer to use your own, please bring them and any additional tools you wish to. In the workshop we mainly use a white earthenware throwing clay, but also have Terracotta and some stoneware clay also.

At the end of the course we will process & bisque fire 3 pieces for you. If you would like us to fire more there will be an additional charge of £5 per piece.

Level: Beginner & Intermediate:

Price: £340

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Course Overview:


Join Roop at Devon Applied Arts workshop for 3 days over the summer to develop your throwing skills. This course is suitable for beginners, students, or those with some experience to really focus on practicing their skills on the wheel.


During the course we will work on:


Day 1:

  • Clay preparation: wedging techniques.
  • Centering clay on the wheel.
  • Essential thrown forms: 1) cylinders. Further exploration of jugs & vases.

Day 2

  • Essential thrown forms: 2) Bowls & Plates
  • Repeat throwing, weighing out clay & use of measurement tools.

Day 3

  • Turning forms
  • Pulling and attaching handles
  • Decoration techniques.


Roop will introduce you to the core methods & techniques using demonstrations, explanations with reference to examples from their (RAMP’s) own and others work. There is an excellent library of forms as well as books in the workshop which can be used to help inform your choices.

Whilst a core structure is provided, if you feel you want to focus on a particular form or technique, this can be accommodated, but please let us know beforehand so we can plan for it. We will primarily be working on smaller forms to focus on the core techniques. If you wish to explore making large forms, please contact Roop as we can develop a course more suited to your needs.

You do not need to have any experience to attend the course and if you have any questions or queries, do contact Roop at: mail@rampceramics.com



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