October Making

In trying to cover what is happening in the workshop a bit more regularly , here are some images of some more recent handbuilding work going on. I am really enjoying handbuilding and am feeling that there are several strands of ideas progressing simutaneously. These ideas weave in and out of each other, having a fairly eclectic range of influences that often overlap.

An interest in Geology, time, scale and material. My roots, stories, folklore and myth. The act of making and letting things go. That’s enough to be going on with I think….

Most of these will be vessel forms or candleabra and will have a playful quality in them. A bit fanciful, baroque, naive, surreal maybe? They follow on from previous pieces which you can see on our instagram feed that sold at Ceramics in the City at the beginning of the month.

Lately, a very dear friend from the Isle of Skye came to visit and, as he is a keen sea swimmer, we spent the time exploring the coastline for sea swimming possibilities. Here are some images of Northcott Mouth, on the North Cornwall coast. There are some amazing examples of folded strata all along this coast right up to Hartland Quay and I have always loved the way the bedrock is weathered by the action of the sea into these rounded rows of teeth protruding from the sand. In some of the cliffs you can see the ripples of fossilised mud & sand, laid down over 100 million years ago. Just amazing.

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